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Hindu Resources Online
What is Hinduism
Brief Guide to Hinduism
Symbolism in Hinduism
Hiduism Theory, writings and history 
The Hindu Universe Many topics
The Hindu Heritage Center
A Hindu spiritual site 
Kauai's Hindu Monastery   
Nine Questions About Hinduism
Hindu cultural body
Hinduism Today
A Hindu spiritual site
US-based website on Hinduism
Another website on Hinduism
Another Hindu spiritual site  
Hinduism Site with several links
Hinduism page Site with many links
Hindu Kalachakra 
The Hindu Universe 
Swami Krishnanda's page on Hinduism  
Indian Philosophies
Global Hindu Electronic Network 
Vipal Kapadia's Hinduism page
Five Stages of Spiritual Advancement  
Hinduism Today Archive
Site on issues facing Hinduism today
Pages on Hinduism
Moksha Homepage
Applied Hinduism, Philosophy and Spirituality
India's pro-Hindu Nationalist party
Interfaith Calendar Events in the Hindu year
Ashrams, Mutts & Other Hindu Organisations
SOME Personal Homepages on Hinduism & India
Offshoots of Hinduism
More Links to Hinduism
Gods of Hinduism
Arya Samaj
Indian Mythology
Hindu Puja & Bhajans
Hindu Temples Online
Site on Indian literature
Karma Yoga Lessons

Indian Mythology site -- Lots of stories from Panchatantra, Jataka, Mahabharata, Ramayana, Mythology are presented

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Bhagawat Gita

Bhagawat Gita Home Page
Gita (Swami Prabhupada translation)
Rakesh Mullick's Bhagwat Gita Home Page
Bhagavad Gita - the song of God
Bhagavad-Gita: Jeff Hook's Intro
Talks on Gita (by Vinoba Bhave)
Bhagwad Gita, As It Is  
Vedic Thought, Bhagavat Geeta Related Topics
12th International Geeta Conference--
The Hare Krishna Index
Chinmaya Organization

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Ramayana: entire scripture : all eight kandas
Dr.Muneko Tokunaga's sanskrit version: entire scripture
John D. Smith's modified version based on Dr. Tokunaga's sanskrit text
Ramayana in Text, Folklore, Sculpture & Performance
Ramayana--Site has a translation of Valmiki Ramayana from Sanskrit to English.

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Mahabharata: entire scriptures
Dr.Muneko Tokunaga's sanskrit version: entire scripture
John D. Smith's modified version based on Dr. Tokunaga's sanskrit text
Mahabharata stories
Bhagvad Gita Stories
Hitopadesa Stories
Other Stories


Hindus & Vegetarianism
World Vegetarian Organization
Vegetarianism and the Hindu faith


Gayatri Mantra
Sanskrit Mantras and Spiritual Power
Ganesh image and mantras
Mantra Meditation, a proven method to improve the quality of your life
Various Effective Mantras
Lord Krishna Book
Maha Mantra Chant
Hare Krishna Mantra

Vedas & Vedantas

Aesthetic Vedanta
Arun Kumar Tangirala's home -Indian classical music and Spiritualism
Look Within - Inspirations of Love
Spiritual books on Devotional Gaudiya
VedantaYoga-Vedanta-Vivekayuktananda Ashram-
Vedic Culture
Schools of Vedanta
What is Vedanta
Advaita Vedanta Homepage
Adwaita Vedanta - FAQ
Dvaita Vedanta
Shri Vaishnava Philosophy
Vaishnava Tradition
Philosophy of the Upanishads
Prema Music Home Page
The India Page-- Links to the Indian World
Science of Spirituality
Hidu Temple Society of North America About their Temples

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The Social Thought of Swami Vivekananda (By Swami Atmajanand)
Vivekananda Quotes
Swami Vivekananda Page
Vivekananda Anecdotes
Vivekananda on India
Vivekananda on Religion
Vivekananda on Sacrifice
Ramkrishna Mission
Poetry of Swami Vivekananda
Krishnamurti Information Homepage Berlin
Krishnamurti Founation Of America (KFA)
J.Krishnamurti Video Show
Krishnamurti Core
Krishnamurti Books
Sir Aurobindo's Introduction


Adi Shankaracharya
Lahiri Mahasaya
Sant Dnyaneshwar
Sant Tukaram Maharaj
Meher Baba
Shirdi ke Saibaba
Official US Sai page
Sai Baba
Sai Baba
Sai Baba
Sathya SaiBaba speech on Divine Mother
Sri Nisargadatta Maharaja
Swami Yogananda
Swami Tejomayananda
Swami Purushottamananda

Hindu Gods & Godesses

Hindu Deities: Siva
Hare Krishna
Deity Darshan
Lord Ganesha
Ganesha Homepage
Ganapathi   Athavasheersha
Ganapati Puja in India
Ganesha Stotra (Sanskrit PS)
Ganesha Stotra (ASCII)
Shiva: audio & video
Shiva Darshan
Shivamanaspooja   (Sanskrit PS0)
Shivmanaspooja   (ASCII)
Ramaraksha Stotra Sanskrit PS_
Amaraksha Stotra (ASCII)
Hanuman image
Hanuman Chalisa (Sanskrit PS)_
Hanuman Chalisa (ASCII)
Durga Pooja
Shirdi Sai Baba home page Information on the great saint.
Shri Nathji Havali
Shri Vaishnava home page
Temple Darshan

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Aghor Home Page Aghori site
Church of Tantra
International Journal of Tantric Studies
Joshi Letterforms Some information on mantra and yantra.
Kalachakra of Tibet
Kalachakra Tibetan sand mandala
Kali Temple .
Kali Temple
Nancy's Cyber Shrine Contains images and some yantras.
Pages on the Divine Mother
Luckymojo. Karezza
Shri Vidya Pages on Shri Vidya.
Shri Yantra Mathematical thoughts on the yantra
Tantra Commercial US site.
Tantrik Pages Beautiful images and good information
Tara links Tibetan and Hindu
India Horror Sites
Hindu Tantric
The Art of Yantras
Yantra : Hindu Tantrik Diagrams

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Buddhism Resources

Buddhism, an Introduction This is the final draft of the Buddhism chapter from a forthcoming book on world Religions.
Buddhist Pointer's File
Buddhism Index
NCF Buddhism Home Page An introduction to Theravada Buddhism
Journal of Buddhist Ethics Academic research articles in Buddhist ethics
Buddhist Gopher A gopher site dedicated to Buddhism
About Buddhism A simple introduction to Buddhism site
Thai Buddhism A good introduction to Buddhism and its history.
Buddhist Studies The most comprehensive site for information on Buddhism
Buddhism FAQ 
Buddhist Text Archive An index of Buddist texts stored at the Coombs Archive in Australia
A Description of Buddhist Sutras on the Internet Arranged According to Lang

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Interesting Information on Religion

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Other Religions

Info on Bahai
Bahai Resources on the Internet
Info on Buddhism
Info on Islam
Understanding Islam
Info on Sikhism
Delhi Sikh Gurdwara Management Commit tee Site
Zoroastrism link 1
Zoroastrism link 2

Interesting Information on Religion

Asian Studies: India Excellent information and links here
Religions of India
Stories from the mythology of various religions
Alain Danielou Devoted to the memory of the French pioneer
California State University Links to religious sources
Caste in Indian Society
Dalhousie University Religious links
David Frawley's Vedic site
Durgadas Home Page
Evansville University Ancient India
History of India
Indology. Excellent resource page.
Articles of Anecdotes For the religious and spiritual minded
Karma Information and links
Legends and History of Ancient India
McGill University Faculty of Religious Studies
Sociosites Religion
The Mystic Shoppe Hindu page
University of Arizona Religious Studies
University of Lausanne Resources in Indology
General information, discussion and scriptures
Symbolism Idol worship and rituals
Images of Nepal Hindu temple at Muktinath
Images of Nepal Hindu Temples of Panauti
Stream of Devotion Indian culture
Paampara Lineage (parampara) of spiritual leaders
The Art of India
Mad cows and mid-day meals
Lonely Planet -- Destination: Bangladesh
Women In India

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