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Hi, I am Sajini Prem.  I hail from Tellicherry, Kerala, India presently living in Oman with my husband for the last eight years.

My Favourite Recipe Links

Amma's Indian Recipes
Assamese Recipes
Aniel's Indian Recipes
Anita Pal's Bengali Cookery
Baltimore Recipes, U.K.
Bengali Food and Recipes
Bengali Recipes.
Bengali Recipes On the Web
Bengali Recipes
Chicken recipes
Cuisine of India
Cuisine of India - Desserts
Culinary Art of Kashmir
Curry Club of India
Deserts from India
Fatfree Archives' Indian Recipes
Far East Recipes
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Gujarati Recipes
Hyderabadi Cooking
Indian Cuisine
Indian Cuisine - (Government)
Indian Recipe Collection
Indo-Link Recipe Pages (Good Collections)
Introduction to Chinese Cooking
Kerala Cuisine
Kerala Dishes
Kerala Cuisine
Kishwer's Kitchen
Kosher Chinese Recipes
India Buzz  - Chinese & Indian Recipes
India Recipe link
Indian Recipe Exchange
Indian Cuisine & Recipes
Indian and Pakistani Recipes
Jaya's Indian Receipes
Mareena's Kerala Recipes
Mumbai/Bombay: Indian Cuisine
Mumbai/Bombay: Kashmiri Cuisine
Mumbai/Bombay: Marathi Cuisine
Maharashtra Food Recipes
Maharashtrian food
Mouthwatering Recipes, Cooking Tips
Parsi Cooking
Punjabi Recipes
Priya's Cookbook
Quick-n-Ezee Indian Food
Recipes for Chinese Dishes
Recipes - Bombay Palace Restaurant
Receipes of India
South Indian Cookbook
South Indian Recipe Cookbook
Sue's Recipe Server - North Indian Reci8pes
Sue's Recipe Server - South Indian Recipes
Sunita Pai Mizar's Indian Recipes
Sunita's Favourite Recipes
Sanjeevkapoor's Recipes
Taraladalal Recipes

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Some Other Interesting Recipe Sites

Cabbage , potatoes and peas molagootal
Chana Masala
Chole - Garbanzo beans cooked Indian style
Chou-Chou koot/curry/pooduthual
Coconut Chutney - tasty paste made from coconut gratings
Columbia/NYC Indian Dining FAQ
Daal - lentil soup
Diabetea Home Page
Didir Dosai - similar to pancakes
Didir Onion Rava Dosai - similar to pancakes
Dosai - similar to pancakes
Eggplant (brinjal) curry with
Ethnic Tastes: Indian Groceries & Spices
From Pot to Palate
Garam Masala - a spice mixture useful in many preparations
Get Surfed Guide to Indian Restaurants in London
Herbs & Spices
Hyderabadi Biryani
idli sambar
Indian Chickpeas
Indian Cookbook
Indian Cuisine
Indian Dishes
Indian food at vegweb - vegetarian food
Indian Recipes
Indian Recipes directory
Instant Therati Pal - another milk sweet
Katirikka Rasavangi
Katirikkai Thogayal
Kerala Cusine
Lemon Pickle
Lemon Rice
Links about India: Recipes and Cooking
Masala Dosa
Masur Daal - another lentil soup
Mick Gowers Index to Indian Recipes
Molahu Kozhambhu - a soup spiced with pepper
More Kozhambhu
Mughlai Mutton Curry
Namaste.Net - Recipes
Navarattan Curry - a special curry with mixed vegetables
Onion Vetha Kozhambu
Paayasamu (sweetened rice)
Pupa Chai Ghar - Browsers Paradise
Rajasthani Cuisine
Rajma - Red Kidney Beans cooked Indian style
Ras Malai - a milk based sweet
Rasagolla - a milk based sweet
Rasam - a tangy soup
Rasam Masala
Recipes : Ideal Snacks for Children
Ricotta Halva
Rubina Restaurant in Vancouver
Sambar - a vegetable and lentils broth
Sambar Masala - powder to be used while cooking Sambar
Sarojini and Raos South Indian Cooking Lessons
Shams homepage-SHEMONS Indian cuisine
Sooji Halwa
Tea Board India Home Page
The Amul Cheese Cook Book
The Deans Authentic Punjabi Restaurant
The Tea Man
Tomato Rice
Upma or Uppuma
Vadai vada
Vangi bath - spiced rice made with eggplant
Vankaya Kaaram Petti Koora
Vegetable Biryani - spiced vegetable rice
Vegetable Jalfrasie
Vegetable Pakodas pakora
Vellirikkai Thogayal
Venn pongal
Venn pongal
Web India - Paprika Oleos (India) Limited
Hyderabadi Biryani , Mughlai Mutton Curry ,
Welcome to Farzanas Hot Kitchen
Welcome to Kashmir Food
What is Tamarind? food
Yamini's Kitchen
Zucchini Chutney - tasty paste made using zucchini

Australia's Fair Dinkum - the genuine originalAustralia's Fair Dinkum

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Precious & Non Precious Gems

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Gemology and Crystal Magic GEMS ANDPRECIOUS STONES Gemstone Glossary
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