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American Directory Assistance: People
American Business Info.
American Directory Assistance: Business.
Argentina White Pages.
Area Code Lookup for Canada and USA.
Asia / Pacific Fax Directory. India, Pakistan, Sri-Lanka.
Australian White Pages.
Australian Yellow Pages
Austrian White Pages.
Belgium Directory.
BigYellow Pages.
Business Directory.
Business Yellow Pages from around the world is here.
Canada-411 Directory Assistance White and Yellow Pages.
Canadian Phone Search
Chile Yelllow Pages.
Country Code, Area code and Local Time Locator
European Directory.
French Phone Directory.
Dutch Phone Directory.
HongKong Directory.
Hongkong Yellow Pages
InfoSpace by name or phone numbers
India Yellow Pages
India - Pages
India - Exporter's Yellow Pages - 7th Edition
Indian Importers Directory - 2nd Edition
India - Export Import Trade Flash
International Pages
Indonesian Yellow Pages
Internet Address Finder
Italian Yellow Pages.
Japan Telephone Directory.
Kuwait Yellow Pages
Luxemburg Phone Directory.
Lycos People Finder.
Lookup for e-mail address search
Malaysian White Pages.
Malaysian Yellow Pages
Netherland Telephone Guides.
New Zealand Telephone Directory.
Norway Directory.
Oman Yellow Pages
Phone Listing with Location Map.
Singapore Business Directory.
Singapore Telephone Directory. White and Yellow Pages.
Singapore Email Addresses.
Slovania Phone Directory.
South African Ipages.
Stortele Swedish Yellow pages.
Switchboard currently available for USA only
Switzerland White Pages.
U.K. Shopping City.
USA People Search
Yahoo! People Search
Yahoo! Phone Search. -   Email locator
Worldwide Country Codes and Area Code
World Wide Phone Guide

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