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Career Development
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Personality Development/ Leadership

Personl Development

Daley Positive Personal Development
Idynamics (Personal Development & Training)
Career SmartsTM
Techniques for Creative Thinking
Resources for Creativity and Innovation
"Career Development" Related Websites
Happiness and Self Improvement" Related Websites
Assertiveness" Related Websites
"Adult Development" Related Websites
Leadership Inc. Associates
Leadership Part I
Leadership Part II
Centre for Creative Leadership
Educational Leadership
Communication Skills
FREE Self Improvement Newsletter
Organisational Behaviour G - Unit 3971
Control, Power & Influence Six basic Ideas to consider
Resources for Creativity and Innovation
Techniques for Creative Thinking
Human Resouces & Personal Achievement Resources
Career SmartsTM
Self Assessment Test
Organizations In Flux
Be a Creative Manager
Manage your Creativity
Creative Quotations for Creative Thinking
ttp:// - Instant Meditation logo
Self Assessment Tests

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Public Speaking

Public Speaking" Related Websites.
Public Speaking Home Page
How To Get Enthusiastic Applause Every Time You Speak Or Write!
The Power of Public Speaking
Executive Speaker Website
Title of Sample Speech Texts
The Power of Public Speaking
Learn Public Speaking in Private
Information Skills - Speed Reading, etc
Business Presentations & Public Speaking
Double your Reading Speed
Title of Sample Speech Texts
Communication Skills
Public Speaking Home Page

Executive Speaker Website

Quotes From the Work of Swami Vivekananda

Learn Public Speaking in Private (USE LOGO)
Speaker Skills (Use logo)

The Most Powerful 
Personal Growth Program

wpe8.gif (1340 bytes) Goal Setting / Time Management

Time Management Skills
Goal Setting - Planning for personal achievement
A Goal Setting Workshop - by Chuck Heintzelman
The First Goal Setting Guide
"Goal Setting" Related Websites
"Time Management" Related Websites
Time Management 
Superperformance/Time Management
Superperformance Resources
Articles on Time Management
Career Enhancement - Time Management
Superperformance - Time Management
Goal Setting Your Way
The First Goal Setting Guide
Goal Setting Your Way
Time Management Skills
A Goal Setting Workshop - by Chuck Heintzelman

Goal Setting - Planning for personal achievement

Stress / Relaxation

Mastering Stress/ Stress Management Techniques
Stress Management" Related Websites
Relaxation" Related Websites
Brief Stress Assessment Form
Worry -- And How Not To
Mastering Stress/ Stress Management Techniques
Job Stress
Center For Anxiety & Stress Treatment:

Why Not Embrace
Stress As A Friend?

Age Reversing Miracle

Find information about India - Enter topic ?

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Self Hypnosis

Use Subliminal Learning In Everyday Life!

Memory Development

Memory Techniques and Mnemonics
Information Skills - Speed Reading, etc)
Career Enhancement - Memory Development
The World Wide Brain Club  - (A user manual for the Mind
How to Improve your Memory  by Kevin Jay North
Memory Techniques and Mnemonics
The Enchanted Self -  Strategic use of Memory
Reading Genius - Planet's Most Powerful Speed Reading System
Memory Techniques and Mnemonics
Neuroscience for Kids
Mind Games

[ The Learning Kingdom! ]

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Motivational Websites

The Positive Press
Wisdom of the Ages
Follow Your Dreams
The Motivation Page
Motivational Webring

Motivating Moments

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Good Resources - English Grammer / Language

On Line English Grammar from St. John's Wood School of English, London. 
Modern English Grammar   - by Daniel Kies
Jack Lynch's Grammar and Style Notes
Charles Darling's Guide to Grammar and Writing
The Curmudgeon's Stylebook
Dr. NAD's Prig Page
World Wide Words: Michael Quinion's Language Pages
Garbl's Writing Resources On-Line
Business Writing Centre – Writer’s Resource
Non-Sexist Language
Spelling Test  - by Mindy McAdams'
Statistics on commonly misspelled words on Usenet.
Paul Brians' home page 
Common Errors in English
Learner Online
Toonacat's Kids Club
Barney Online
Microsoft Kids Free Stuff
Curious Kids Science Newsletter
CBC Kid's Page

Learning Experiences

Harvard University WWW Home Page
Oxford University Homepage
University of Cambridge

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Dictionaries around the World

Oxford Dictionary
Webster's English Dictionary
Britannica Online
Grolier Interactive Home Page
Bartlett's Quotations
ARTFL: Roget's Thesaurus
Acronym lookup
Acronym and abbreviation list
Discovery Channel Online  - one of the most popular learning channels
 Acronym Dictionary (English)
Sign language dictionary
BABEL: Glossary of Computer Abbreviations and Acronyms
The Internet Dictionary Project
Computing Terminology Dictionary (English)
Software Engineering Glossary (English)
English-French/French-English Dictionary
Directory of on-line dictionaries
English-Italian Dictionary
Italian-English Dictionary
Small Spanish-English Dictionary
Small English-Spanish Dictionary
ARTFL: French-English Dictionary
Russian Obscenities Dictionary
Russian-English-Russian dictionary
On-line Finnish Dictionary, others
Bibliography of Arabic Dictionnaries
Norwegian Dictionary
A Panoply of Dictionaries
Japanese-English Dictionary Server
HSTM - Biographical Dictionary
Book of Proverbs in Latin, English, French, German and Italian
The Telecommunications Glossary
Terminology Collection:= Home Page
BioTech Biotechnology Dictionary  - Contains about 750 terms associated with biology, biochemistry, medicine and pharmacology with illustrations. 
A glossary of shipping terms
Zillions of dictionaries
Mathematical Programming Glossary
Glossary of Poetic Terms
Japanese Proverbs (and links to other languages)
Even more dictionaries
Multilingual Dictionary of the Horse
Public Broadcasting Station S ONLINE!
Durbanet Art Gallery Encyclopedia   - the Durban Art Gallery
Quality and Communication Improvement Programs (QCI)
Foreign Languages for Travelers
Ocean Planet Homepage - National Museum of Natural History
Glossary of film terms

Study Abroad

Study Abroad Connection   -This student-to-student guide answers questions about studying abroad in Ireland.
Study Abroad in Asia WWW Virtual Library Students interested in Asian study abroad
Study Abroad Programs The University of Connecticut offers study abroad programs in North America, Latin America, Africa, Europe, Middle East, Asia and Australia. 
Study Abroad with IES Offers unique academic programs in 18 cities throughout Europe, Asia, Australia and South America.
Study Abroad: CSU Offers academic year-long programs in 17 countries.
Study Australia Info on opportunities for studying and working part time in Australia.
Summer Study Programs A special summer program for 10th, 11th and 12th graders.   Provides students the chance to study at Penn State or at the American University of Paris .
University of Kansas: KU administers over 70 study abroad and exchange programs which vary in structure from intensive group-oriented KU Institutes to individual programs that are virtually independent.
University Studies Abroad Consortium USAC is a consortium of 21 U.S. and foreign universities. Courses are accredited by American universities and offer a wide range of classes at all levels.
Indian Schools Indian Colleges & Universities Indian Schools
India – Institutes Alumni / Schools / Colleges of India Indian Engineering Colleges

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