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Selected Philosophical Sites

Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy (James Fieser)
Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy (Edward Zalta)
Dictionary of Philosophy of Mind (Chris Eliasmith)
Glossary of Philosophical Terms (Nicholas Bunnin & E.P. Tsui James)
A Compendium of Foreign Terms/Phrases in English-language Philosophy
Guidebook for Publishing Philosophy (Marcia Yudkin & Janice Moulton 1986)
A Guide for Students in Philosophy (William Grey)
Tips on Writing a Philosophy Paper (Douglas Portmore)
Horus Gets in Gear: A Beginner's Guide to Research in the History of Science
The MacTutor History of Mathematics Archive
On-line Information on Publishers in Philosophy and Related Disciplines
Deborah Charles Publications
Oxford University Press
Prentice Hall
Routledge Philosophy Resources
Hippias ( Search philosophical sites)
Society of Christian Philosophers
Philosophy of Science and Mathematics in Britain
The Australasian Philosophy Home Page
Philosophy in Cyberspace (Dey Alexander)
Guide to Philosophy on the Internet (Peter Suber)
Philosophy at Large (Liverpool University)
Philosophical Hyper Weirdness on the Internet
The Hopkins Philosophy Pages (Dennis Des Chene)
Sean's One-Stop Philosophy Shop (Sean Cearley)
Philosophy (Chinese University of Hongkong)
Björn's Guide to Philosophy (Björn Christensson)
Philosophy around the Web (Peter King)
Historians and Philosophers (Peter Rasmussen)
Course materials in philosophy (Andrew Carpenter)
Applied Ethics Resources on WWW (Chris MacDonald)
History of Science, Technology and Medicine 
Science and Technology Studies (Patrick Hamlett)
Cognitive and Psychological Sciences  
Sources of Skeptical Information on the Internet 
Mathematical Logic Around the World
Abraham Lincoln
Philosophers and Philosoph
Philosopher Voltaire
Philosopher Plato
Philosopher Confucius
Philosopher Aristotle
Confucius ~ The Burning of the Books
Confucius - Online Tribute

Philosopher John Locke


Electronic Journal of Analytic Philosophy
Journal of Buddhist Ethics
The Critical Rationalist
The Online Journal of Ethics
Hyle (philosophy of chemistry)
Mathesis Universalis
Metaphysical Review
Society for Philosophy & Technology
Post Modern Culture


Contemporary Philosophy of Mind - David Chalmers
Belief Revision and Nonmonotonicity - Raymundo Morado
A bibliography of non-conceptual content - Ronald Crisley
Gnomon Online - a bibliography of sources related to the classical world
A Bibliography of Metaethics - James Lenman
NOEMA: the Collaborative Bibliography of Women Philosophers
Selection Theory Bibliography - Gary Cziko & Donald Campbell
SKEPTIC Annotated Bibliography
Uncover - Titles of Journal Articles

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